Visit the

Upside Down House!!

Come to Question Mark, Ohio and explore inventor of Buck's Goofy Googles and many more of your most beloved pranks, collector, and historian Buck Walters' infamous wacky house, museum of the macabre, and muscle car emporium!

The Upside Down House!

Watch your step because things get wild in Buck Walter's Upside Down House! Did you know when Buck was alive he actually lived here! How did he go to the bathroom!!

Step inside the Upside-Down House where the entryway leads every which way.

Make your breakfast... upside down!

Don't stand under the toilet.

Hang a-round Buck's famous round room!

Sleep with the fishes in Buck's underwater bedroom!

Buck Walters' Museum of the Macabre

Explore the darker side of humanity with Buck! His private collection is now open to the public. Kids love it!

Buck was fascinated with the human body and his extensive cadaver collection proves it.

See a handkerchief coated in the blood of Abraham Lincoln

Wow! It's Ohio's largest collection of WWI landmines

Lessons in taxidermy

Hand of French colonist found in woods of Question Mark, Ohio

Bucks Muscle Car Emporium!

During his life Buck Walters collected over 100 muscle cars and loved to build his own Hot Rods. Gentlemen start your engines!

Buck's entire muscle car collection is here for you to see!

Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

The Dark Wind

Fog of War

Mr. Death

enter the basement

Our Location

1901 First St.

Question Mark, Ohio

Our Hours

Thursdays, 8pm-9pm

Fridays, 11am-12pm

Saturdays 1pm-1:30pm

Sundays 12pm-12:15pm


Entrance fee is $10 for adults, $12 for children.

The Upside-Down House is not responsible for any injuries that occur during your visit.

As of 9/26/2023 the Upside-Down House is owned and operated by the Question Mark Historical Society.

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